The most successful entrepreneurs think differently. Join them.

Your ability to scale and grow your business comes down to how you think. Your mindset. Your decision making. The way you approach problems. The issue? Most entrepreneurs are never taught this. 

Chris Marshall
Founder of PPM Method

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Watch this free introductory webinar to the PPM Method run by Chris Marshall and learn how the PPM Method course can help you transform your business and life. 

Push forward > Scale faster > Be more creative > Reduce overload > Avoid burnout.

The PPM Method teaches you how.

95% of entrepreneurs report being unable to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Many also comment that being an entrepreneur is one of the most stressful experiences they've faced. 45% of entrepreneurs report being stressed, and data shows that entrepreneurs are, on average, 2.5x more likely to develop depression. Burnout, overload, and fatigue are often felt just to be 'part of the game'.

The PPM Method, stands for Pause, Play, Move Method. When we learn this, we navigate the world differently. We show up differently. Think with a clarity and swiftness. Build more resilient teams. Cultivate curiosity and creativity. Push our businesses forward, scale faster, while at the same time avoiding overload and burnout that ensnare so many entrepreneurs.

PPM's going online.

We've switched things up. Until recently the only way to complete the PPM Method was either in 1:1 coaching, or in a group session.

That's all changed.

It's now at your pace, and in your space.

Join the PPM Method and learn how embracing playfulness can help you push forward, scale faster and avoid burnout.  

In this online on-demand course, run through the world leading platform Thinkific, Chris will not only teach you the theory of how pausing and playing effects our decision making, our focus, and our outlook, but all the tools needed to embrace and cultivate it in your life and work. 

What’s covered in this course?

Module one: Intro to the PPM Method

Module two: The traps of our worst thinking 

Module three: Our stress states, evolutionary roots, and managing our neurology

Module four: What is Playfulness and how does it relate to business?

Module 5: Science of cultivating playfulness

Module 6: The Power of Pausing

Module 7: Plasticity, patterns and practice

Module 8: Putting it all together

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“What Chris has put together in the PPM Method is a powerful, refreshing course. It has changed the way I approach problems, and the energy with which I have to build solutions ”


“The main takeaway for me from this course was the feeling of finding space and time to think. Before I was always rushing. Always striving - but not actually achieving much. The whole process is transformational. ”

Learn more about Chris Marshall

In his TEDx talk delivered in Cowes in 2023, Chris talks about how his childhood influenced his obsession with navigating turbulent times, and how we can learn valuable lessons from explorers and adventures who have embraced playfulness to discover new lands, and survive the toughest of life’s challenges. 

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