Chris Marshall


What is the Entrepreneurial Mindset? And Why Do You Need It? 💡

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, a traditional understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset no longer suffices.

As we sail through an era characterized by disruption, innovation, and unparalleled challenges, there’s an escalating need to embrace fresh perspectives and methodologies. These new approaches pertain not only to business operations but also to our thought processes and problem-solving techniques.

Historically, the entrepreneurial mindset focused on outcomes, encompassing elements like perseverance, learning, self-belief, commitment, control, and challenges, to list a few. To gauge success, businesses employed various performance indicators ranging from goal-setting to KPIs.

While these practices remain valuable, especially in today’s environment of heightened disruption, entrepreneurs must recognize and adapt to a crucial paradigm shift.

The accelerating pace of the world, the rapidity of change, and the sheer scale of disruption present serious implications for our thought processes, perspectives, and even our future outlook. Uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, particularly in high-stakes domains like our businesses and the financial wellbeing of our families, can drastically impact our brain’s and body’s chemistry. Essentially, we are witnessing a biological change that precipitates psychological transformation.

To summarize (and I’ve discussed this extensively in prior writings), our bodies constantly scan for safety cues and danger signs. When our surroundings become unpredictable and shift unexpectedly, many individuals instinctively interpret these changes as signs to be alert and on guard.

This reaction is partially a vestige from our ancient past. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, any minor alteration in our environment could signal imminent, life-threatening danger. Today, while our stress responses remain intact, the threats are typically neither immediate nor life-threatening.

Though the pace of change has been steady over recent centuries, it’s now accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Previously, we could bypass this stress response and focus on the task at hand. However, the consequences of such neglect are evident: a widespread chronic stress epidemic. Many entrepreneurs and business leaders resort to pills, junk food, alcohol, or other addictions to temper their heightened stress levels.

The PPM Method aims to equip entrepreneurs to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset tailored for the forthcoming era of disruption. This doesn’t mean discarding KPIs or goal-setting. Instead, it emphasizes focusing more on inputs—specifically, an entrepreneur’s thought process and problem-solving approach.

Let’s delve into the core objectives of the PPM Method and understand their importance:

The Power of Pause:

While traditionally, entrepreneurs are perceived as ceaselessly active, the PPM Method emphasizes the importance of strategic pauses. This isn’t about stagnation, but about moments of reflection, recalibration, and introspection. In our information-saturated world, these intentional pauses can provide the clarity vital for decision-making.

Embracing Playfulness:

In entrepreneurship, playfulness isn’t limited to humor or light-heartedness. It’s a mindset marked by flexibility, curiosity, and openness. A playful approach allows entrepreneurs to cultivate innovative environments, stimulate unconventional thinking, and bolster resilience against setbacks.

Move with Purpose:

Armed with insights from pausing and the energizing aspect of play, the “Move” phase is the logical next step. It’s about executing ideas with renewed enthusiasm, certainty, and clarity. It signifies informed and inspired action.

Adapting to Disruption:

The PPM Method is tailored for our current era of rampant disruption. By transitioning through Pause, Play, and Move, entrepreneurs can adeptly handle unexpected challenges, perpetually adapt, and maintain their industry lead.

Intrapersonal Awareness:

Self-awareness is an often-undervalued facet of the entrepreneurial mindset. The PPM Method places a premium on recognizing one’s patterns, scripts, and emotional triggers. This awareness equips entrepreneurs to make decisions that combine logic with emotional intelligence.

In conclusion, the PPM Method offers an approach to the entrepreneurial mindset tailored for high-disruption environments. While it honors the foundational attributes of entrepreneurship, it also introduces key components that align with the challenges and opportunities of today’s business landscape.