Chris Marshall


Unveiling the Power of the Pause 🌟

In the whirlwind of today’s chaotic world, there’s a tool we often underestimate – the pause. It’s not an escape from the madness but a grounding force, a return to our truest selves. Join us as we explore the profound impact of the pause in the transformative journey of the Pause Play Move (PPM) Method.

The Art of Pausing:

The pause isn’t about fixing our ever-changing selves; it’s about understanding and offering unlimited self-compassion during moments of introspection. Jamie Smart’s metaphor in ‘Clarity’ resonates powerfully: like muddy water left undisturbed becomes clear, our minds, in their natural state, move towards calm and joy if given space.

The Disconnect in a Hyperactive World:

Our modern society bombards us with noise, endless to-dos, screens, and instant gratification, entertaining but disconnecting us from our core. Amidst this, the essence of the pause becomes vital – a chance to reconnect and find inner calm.

Cultivating Inner Calm:

Through dedicated introspection and regular check-ins taught in the PPM Method, we initiate a transformative ripple effect. In the pause, there’s no room for judgment, only awareness. This awareness leads not only to calm but also to clarity about decisions and the path ahead.

Calm Intelligence:

Similar to an athlete’s practice regimen, the art of pausing requires constant practice. Laurel Mellin’s stress research reminds us that stress is a scale, not binary. Regular check-ins reveal our stress states, helping us navigate our reactions and responses effectively.

Reflection and Exploration:

The pause isn’t about relaxation; it’s about reflection and exploration, rebuilding a connection with ourselves and attuning to our needs. Bringing awareness and compassion to our state and thinking allows the muddy waters to clear, opening doors to abstract thinking and new perspectives.

Harnessing the Storms:

Regular pauses, approached with compassion and curious observation, equip us not only to face challenges but to fundamentally transform how we perceive and interact with the world. In these quiet moments, we learn not just to weather storms better but to harness their power.

Embark on this journey with the PPM Method, where the pause isn’t just a momentary break; it’s a powerful tool for personal transformation and entrepreneurial success.

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