Chris Marshall


Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Mindset with the PPM Method! 🚀

In a fast-paced world, entrepreneurial success often rests on the ability to navigate uncertainty. And to do so with confidence and resilience.

The key to mastering this? Cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset that allows you to be dynamic, open-minded and adaptable. A mindset that allows you to embrace both the challenges and triumphs of the journey. Because there will be both – highs and lows.

This is where the PPM Method comes in!

The only course you need to develop the ultimate entrepreneurial mindset. The PPM Method is based on the latest scientific understanding coming from researching in the fields of neuroscience, stress research and emotional intelligence. Through the course, it’s designed to reshape your decision making and unlock your entrepreneurial potential.

The Power of Stepping Back:

In the always on, hustle and bustle of entrepreneurial endeavors, the Pause Play Move (PPM) Method introduces the crucial first step. Stepping back.

Learning to pause is a simple, yet profound act.

It’s an act of self-compassion that allows you to check-in with yourself, step back from the immediate situation and gains new perspectives. It also allows you to regulate your stress response.

By just taking a moment to pause, entrepreneurs , leaders and decision makers gain the clarity needed to make their best possible decisions. To avoid falling into habitual thinking and knee-jerk reactions that so often accompany high-stakes situations.

Embracing Playfulness for Creativity and Collaboration:

At the core of the PPM Method lies the philosophy of playfulness. Embracing playfulness or a playful mindset doesn’t mean taking your work less seriously: rather, it encourages a creative and curious approach to problem-solving. When leaders and entrepreneurs allow themselves to be more playful, they open the door to innovation, collaboration and a mindset that thrives on adaptability.