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The PPM Method holds a single aim. To awaken your highest potential in business and your personal life, allowing you to navigate life’s challenges with ease. A neuroscience-based course developed by behavioural scientist and futurist Chris Marshall enhances your cognitive flexibility, creativity, curiosity and resiliency so that you can handle high-pressure decisions with confidence and clarity.

(…even when your calendar’s exploding, your stress meter’s off the charts, and the clock’s always ticking!)

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Simple. The format of the course has changed. We’ve also started to use a new learning platform, UDemy, and we want to get as much feedback on the new course and platform as possible. Which is where you come in,. And where the limited-time unmissable offer comes in. 

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“Chris’s PPM Method is awesome. The impact it had on my problem-solving approach is remarkable and completely changed how I approach problems in life and work. Thank you.” Alex, entrepreneur 




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Your world spinning faster than ever... pulled in more & more directions ?

If so, you’re not alone, and like many entrepreneurs, decision-makers and leaders, you may also experience things like this.

  • No ‘free’ time to actually think: Feel like you’re always making choices under pressure, leading to less-than-ideal outcomes?
  • To-do list building up: The endless cycle leaving you exhausted and burnt out?
  • Can’t Switch Off: Constantly worry about your business’s future, the endless to-do list and three-million other things?

The Hard Truth? Traditional Ways Of Navigating The World Are Failing In Our Fast-Paced, Ever-Evolving World.

And this costs you...

  • Hours lost in a cycle of fire-fighting, stress and unproductive work
  • Missed opportunities, reduced creativity which hits your profits
  • Lack of balance and increased risk of burnout 
In the relentless pace of today’s business, cognitive flexibility is your key to success. The PPM Method, founded on the principles of neuroscience, is designed to enhance your mental adaptability, allowing you to navigate challenges with ease and clarity.

The PPM Method is designed to help you...

  • Enhance Cognitive Flexibility: Master the art of mental adaptability.
  • Cultivate curiosity and creativity: Helping you build more resilient teams, find new solutions and sidestep problems
  • Think Clearly, Decide Better: Learn how to stop overthinking everything and make smart choices more easily.
  • Become a Top Decision-Maker: Turn into a leader who makes great decisions quickly and easily.
  • Move Forward Without Getting Burned Out: Get a clear plan for how to do more in your life and business without feeling overwhelmed or too stressed.
  • Develop Your ‘Inner Game’ to help manage stress: Improve how you understand and use your emotions to come up with better ideas and solutions.
  • Stay Calm When Things Get Tough: Find out how to keep a clear head and make good decisions, even when things get really hard

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Here's how the PPM Method is transforming lives...


“What Chris has put together in the PPM Method is a powerful, refreshing course. It has changed the way I approach problems, and the energy with which I have to build solutions ”


“The main takeaway for me from this course was the feeling of finding space and time to think. Before I was always rushing. Always striving - but not actually achieving much. The whole process is transformational. ”

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Learn more about Chris Marshall

In his TEDx talk delivered in Cowes in 2023, Chris talks about how his childhood influenced his obsession with navigating turbulent times, and how we can learn valuable lessons from explorers and adventures who have embraced playfulness to discover new lands, and survive the toughest of life’s challenges.